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Host family


Their function is to welcome and house an 8 week old puppy. His/her placement there is an extremely importand period of socialization for its future role of being an assistance dog


The training families are assisted by the regional monitors of LE COPAIN. Their objectives are to familiarize the puppies with the exterior world, i.e. Crowds, shops, cars and public transportation, movie theatres, other animals etc. etc.


This magnificent apprenticeship lasts for about 15 to 18 months; at it's end, the puppies will return to our center in Granges. They will enter their special training, which will allow them to change the lives of their future beneficiaries


LE COPAIN assumes all nutritional expenses and veterinary consultations. There is nothing really complicated; You simply need the time to give a puppx a very basic and sound canine education ….and additionally prevent him/her of chasing the neighbours cat or run away for private swims in reivers and lakes

To become a training family is simply an act of love

Thanks to everyone assisting us in our search for new ones !

Required profile of a training family:

  • Have the necessary devotion and free time.
  • Allow the puppy to have contacts with children regularly.
  • The children have to be in schools

All families wishing to obtain a puppy from LE COPAIN will be allowed to do so if they commit themselves to follow a course for "training families" with a regional monitor, and a "puppy training course".

During that time, the training family will do the followig:

  • the socialization
  • The basic education

It means to train the puppy to become a well equilibrated animal that is fully integrated into the society by exposing him/her to the greatest possible variety of situations.

This means taking him along as often as possible to the market, into town, into the countryside, into restaurants, on travel and also give him acces to the majority of rooms of the house.

The training family is assisted in the basic education by the regional monitors that have been trained by the association

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