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Assistance dogs are capable of executing more than 50 actions that are difficult ou impossible for a person with reduced mobility, and therefore give their masters support and confidence in their daily lives

They help handicapped with actions such as:

  • pick up objects from the ground (glasses, lighters, keys, other)
  • bring objects (e.g. portable phone)
  • subsitute/assist their master for transaction (at a cash register, a counter etc.)
  • opening and closing doors
  • turn on and off lights
  • sollicit help from a third person when neeled…

Moreover, he is a true mate and brings a lot of pleasure to his master…

In ex change, one must give him the opportunity to unwind, and give him lots of love

Important !

Before stroking a Le Copain dog, please always ask his master if you can so.

You likely will have already met a puppy or a dog carrying a small yellow coat with lue borders an an « L » imprinted on it, and the logo uf our fondation «Le Copain» , in the street or in a shop.

Moved and touched by his presence, the envy of caessing him is very strong, but please don't do it! While working with is training fanily, he is wearing the yellow coat with an « L ». If he leads his master or beneficiary, he wears the logo of «Le Copain».

Thanks to our experience, we are aware of how difficult is is not to caress a dog with such a sweet moving face. While the puppy or adult is wearing its yellow coat, it means that this great four-legged companion is working and therefore should not be disturbed, at the risk of distracting him and and interferind with the attention he needs to give his training family or his beneficiary. He must focus his total concentration onto, the person that knows the orders to give him

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