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Dog breeds

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i the Golden Retriever

This breed is often regarded as the prettiest of the Retriever family. Itis also the most common. The Golden Retriever is very reliable, obedient, well built andalways wanting to please. The history of this breed dates from the middle of the 19th century in Britain.

Today, the Golden Retriever is being used as an assistance dog, for leading blind persons and for sniffing drugs. They are excellent family dogs and great with children. They require a lot of exercise

i the Labrador Retriever

The breed originates from Newfoundland and not from Labrador. Indeed, they have some, resemblance to the Newfoundland, but are smaller! They are robust and resistent. The breed was officially recognizend in 1903

Labradors are polyvalent dogs and throw themeselves into the water to inspect the nets of fishermen, even in very cold temperatures. Nowadays, labradors are family dogs. They are also being used as rescue dogs and are very suitable to be trained as guide dogs.